Thanks for your faithful support of Gates of Hope Mission Int.Inc. We are the perfect opportunity to join an international and meaningful cause.


Here is a report of our activities so far.

Russell arrived in Santo Domingo around 8:45 AM on Feb. Thursday the 2nd. Obed met me at the Airport. We were picked up by a friend of Dick Neves who works in Haiti with us and most recently has been trying to help the Haitian communities that are here working the sugar cane fields and are in dire need.

We spent most of the day in and around the metro area visiting some of the work Dick is doing in the Gautier area.

Later after visiting some individuals, we then picked up is a friend of Obed’s (Sylvana) who came to help with the cooking and cleaning while we are staying in Punta Cana.

Friday we traveled about and hour and a half to visit some family of Obed’s that he had not seen for about 10-12 years. That was a very good trip with much interest in the work we are doing both in Haiti and the possibility of teaching them. We may visit them again before my return if the schedule allows.

Saturday took us to Batey Santa Lucia (El Seibo) an area where there is a large community of Haitians working the cane fields. Obed had met them earlier and there was an open door to conduct and teaching session (generally referred to as a conference) allowing us to present material on the “Authority of the scripture in all things). We did about an our and a half to a packed house with people standing out side, see pictures). The need are many, so we are planning to do food distribution to relieve the undernourished population.

Sunday morning we attended an all English service in the area closer to the resorts. We were ask where we were from and when I said I lived in Florida but was from Nebraska originally, after service a number of people began asking where. One lady was from Greely CO, another from Lincoln NE, a couple from Torrington WY. We were able to give them our cards and contact information for possible follow up. Who know whether or not anything will develop, however our job is to plant the seeds. It is up to The Lord from there. Perhaps there are doors opening in some of these areas. Only the Lord sees the future in all this activity.

We will be in Punta Cana until Thursday and the travel to the border area to meet the 8 preacher that came to meet us in Pignon in February. They also invite 40 preachers to come the training session on February 10th. They have been diligently studying the material we provided them and are anxious for more guidance and direction the things of the Scriptures.


Russell and Obed