TRIP JUNE 21-28 (Russell Driver and Jaffet Perez were able to travel) (COVID RESTICTIONS LIFTED JUST IN TIME FOR OUR TRIP)

Met with contractor and construction begins: (see photos above)

  • The contractor began the initial work of setting up two containers.
  • Plans have been in the making for some time; the Lord has been working, even during Covid, while we were not able to travel. He provided the land; brought individuals, with a desire to follow the scriptures, and with a heart for the work
  • God provided two (2) 40 ft shipping containers for storage (a 40×40 open area in-between); with a roof to provide an area for different activities: which can include youth, shop, work area, and activity center; as well as, the beginning of church activities, while the main building structure is built. Also provides, an open area workshop, and security area for vehicles.
    • The funds have been provided for the concrete piers and containers.



  • OBED MICHEL traveled 5 ½ hours, with five, of eight preachers that he has been mentoring, to meet with us in Pignon. They returned to their home- another 5 ½ hour trip.
  • We discussed plans for future work in their area, and provided study material in the Haitian Creole language for the leaders
  • These are visible fruits of the work we have been doing since 2012 to train and equip young men for the future of the work.
  • These men returned to their area of labor near the Dominican Republic border, and began to use the materials provided to train their leaders


OBED MICHEL: Seven (7) years working studying and helping in the work we are doing

  • Speaks four languages: Creole, French, Spanish, and English
  • Works with us in conferences, teaching, and preaching; helps as an interpreter/translator
  • Skilled in computer and technology / helps to design and produce materials in Creole
  • Has been traveling to different areas, conducting Conferences, and establishing contacts with leaders that are seeking guidance concerning the New Testament church


  • One year at Bible College in Port de Paix; graduated from university near Pignon
  • Speaks the same 4 languages thus, helps as an interpreter / translator, and Conference Assistant
  • Helps with teaching the needy children. He is working towards the beginning of services for the church once we have facilities in the new property.
  • More in next Update.
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Our Property in Haiti: 1 & 2/3 Acres

Property in Haiti

Two containers on concrete piers

pilers for storage containers

The two-container structure, as it will appear once it is finished

Project diagram
Bible Institute materials
Bible Institute materials
Obed Michael
Obed Michael baptism
Ben Dutervil